MAX-I-SCREAM SHOW Only Performed By Regan Slayter!

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MAX-I-SCREAM SHOW Only Performed By Regan Slayter!

Hi Everyone! I have some exciting news. I’ve created a new and exciting show called the MAX-I-SCREAM Show. The name says it all! This show is only performed by me Regan Slayter. If your looking for a Gold coast Stripper who is professional, reliable and original then book me now!

If you do not know me then let me tell you a couple of things about me. I am a Penthouse Model who has done many men’s magazines over the years. I was a topless and nude waitress for private functions but something inside of me was always the performer. Being a natural at what I do I created live stripper shows for Bucks Nights, Birthday Parties or any event that you may be having. No excuse to have a party I can be there. All you have to do is book.

With the Castrol Gold Coast 600 coming up quickly, its a busy time of the year and I love it. So if you need a stripper to perform for you over the busy weekend of October 23-25 then get in quickly as my weekend is filling up fast! I love being busy as it gets my creative juices flowing which is where I come up with my new show.

Now lets talk about my new show. I called the show Max-I-Scream Show! It is a 1 hour show which is my longest show ever! Its only to be performed by me to a male audience. It has everything that you can imagine all thrown in to fill you with lots of eye catching experiences. Now with this show is comes with a hush hush policy. No females are to be present at all! This is to maintain originality and being the only one in Queensland to perform it I want to be the only one to perform it! As when new things are known by others then everyone does it and it becomes just another show. For any enquiries regarding my specialty shows please call to enquire.

I am based on the Gold Coast but if you are having your party up in Brisbane or down in Byron Bay. I do travel.

I have Facebook and Instagram so you may follow me if you wish and also can enquire by PM.

To book me please call/text 0448666069 or fill the Book Now page on my website.

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