Please read the rules and regulations before booking
  • A BOOKING FEE – is required to confirm a booking. No refunds will be given if a booking is cancelled. Final payment is paid only in cash upon my arrival.
  • RULES WHILST PERFORMING – NO cameras, videos or mobile phones are to be visible at all!. No unguided or uninvited touching, no walking on my floor mat or stage area.
  • BOAT JOBS. Yes I do them but there is a $100 cash refundable deposit given upon my arrival, which is forfeited if I’m not delivered back to the wharf by the stated time.
  • BE RESPECTFUL! No rude, sexual or abusive comments, no touching, groping, throwing things, any illegal activities, feeling unsafe, etc. by the host or anyone at the event/party. I will leave. No refund is given. All girls are GPS tracked and have the Watch Over Me App- this means if I don’t check in there will be security officers coming to look for me at your address.
  • SAFETY – I do not perform my show outside on grass. Please ensue a safe, clean & covered area for me to perform in and a room for me to get ready in. In the colder months please have your party inside. I will NOT work outside in winter. I will not perform topless or nude in public where I can be viewed.
  • MIXED CROWDS. Yes I will perform if females are present in the audience. As long as they aware and prewarned about what is going to happen! ALL guests must be 18+ years of age and above.
  • MY RATES are non-negotiable. I hope that you appreciate quality, and professional Girls as I do! If you pay peanuts you will get monkeys or backpackers, unreliable, gumtree girls. Trust me pay the extra money, you will NOT regret it!
  • YOUR BOOKING TIME – In unforeseen circumstances due to traffic, weather or other bookings being delayed, please allow me 30-60 minutes around your chosen time frame. Relax have a drink as I will always show up.
  • My MAX I SCREAM SHOW is only performed to male audiences.
  • GOLD COAST VISITORS – Please be aware that on the Gold Coast most rental houses and hotels have a no party policy. So keep traffic entering/exiting to a minimum and noise levels down. If for any reason my performance is stopped or the party is asked to leave the premises, No refund will be given. I do have a list of venues that are more lenient with party policies if you would like my opinion on great venues please don’t hesitate to ask. Licensed venues I can only waitress or do my shows as far as a G-string as the law stipulates. So please contact the venue regarding what license they have. If anything changes please advise me immediately.
  • It is the responsibility of you (the client) to inform others attending the event/party of this. If any of the rules are broken No refund will be given! Once a booking has being made it means you agree to the terms and conditions.